Programming Lessons

We offer private programming lessons. The lessons are taught one-on-one and tailored to the individuals skill level and ambitions. An emphasis is placed on following "best practices", having fun and laying a foundation of basic programming skills that can be built on and turned into a lifelong career.

We explore multiple programming languages and environments which is especially great for young teens wishing to explore programming as a career. Students also get space on our web server to make their own website and show off thier creations. Make sure your child really enjoys computer programming before paying university costs for it!

Student must have access to a computer for their lessons and homework. Internet access is not required, but helpful.

Classes are one hour long, cost $40 per week and payable at the beginning of each months first class.

Success is related to the time spent playing and experimenting with the skills taught. Serious students will not only do their homework but experiment on their own. All students are welcome to bring up their own programming ideas and goals. When realistic to their skill level these programming ideas can be integrated into the lessons. Seeing their own game or programming idea come to life can really motivate a student and boost their self esteem.


It's been an extremely long time since i've made a computer game, about 25 years actually. Wanting to prove to myself that i could still do this type of programming i picked a simple language and started making an asteroids game i call Chaseteroids.

Chasteroids ScreenShot 01As a side benefit my oldest son has taken an interest in programming as he's seen the game come together. We're planning to make a game together once Chaseteroids is complete and I look forward to teaching him basic programming concepts. He's never shown any programming interest when i was making a website or talking about programming reports from my works CMS. But a game, now there's something he can get into.


  • Microsoft Windows XP or better
  • .NET 3.5 framework or better installed

Version Notes

This is only version 0.9.0. It won't harm your system and is stable across the machines i've tested it on. However, there are still some bugs present and features to add (ie. sound). If you have any suggestions feel free to contact me with them. I have more feature suggestions in my head then i could ever find the time to do, but i am open to considering anything.


  1. Download the game file.
  2. Unzip it to a folder somewhere on your computer.
  3. Start the game by launching the Chaseteroids executable.

Playing instructions are provided in the game.


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