Websites need to be as unique as their owners. Every business, organization, and individual is unique. Each has their own style, motivations, technical literacy level and target audience. All this and more has to be considered when designing a website.

Your website needs to work for you. Weather you need an events calendar, shopping cart, blog, or a simple contact form. It's important you sit down with a professional web developer to discuss all the ways a website can not only promote your activity but save you time and money.

Since every website is unique, so is there cost. No two sites have the same features, layout, graphics or amount of time it takes to make the site. This makes having flat rates for web design impossible.

Domain names, ftp, SEO, internet servers, CMS, html, web hosting, PPC, SMTP? What is all this stuff? Should you even care? Don't worry! The average person has little to no knowledge of these or other internet related terms. That's where we come in. We will guide you through the few terms you do need to know about while quietly taking care of the rest.

Say you need a website for your small business. We'll get your domain name registered (that's the address of your website), design and host your site. We will also optimize your site to be search engine friendly and can manage any appropriate internet advertising campaigns.

You want to be able to edit your own articles and pictures on your site. No problem. This has been a major trend over the last couple years and the tools and techniques to do this have greatly improved as a result. With this desire in mind we can design your site to have this flexibility. Then we'll sit down with you and provide the support needed to make sure your able to take full advantage of it. Think of all the money you'll save by not having to pay for every little change or update to your website.