The one constant that all businesses and organizations face is change. How you manage change can make or break your endeavor. To help with this situation, websites are best treated as living documents that constantly evolve with new and updated content.

Article Update Screenshot

How do you manage your website so that it keeps up with your business endeavors? Traditionally, this has meant hiring a web developer to make the updates. Some down sides to this method include:

  • updates are expensive
  • delays result from time taken to relay and explain the new content to the web developer
  • errors can result in website content due to miscommunication

At Trep4 we specialize in designing websites with features that allow our clients to update their websites themselves. Anyone with basic computer skills such as using a simple word processor can update the website.

As you can see from the partial screen shot above a simple WYSIWYG interface is used for editing. There are controls for content settings and an area for text formatting, cut/copy/paste operations, making lists, editing/adding images, videos, tables, etc... Your content editing area may not look exactly as above because we'll customize it to the layout and features that your website requires.

Right from our first meetings with you we'll discuss with you what aspects, if any, of the website that will grow or change. Then during the design process we'll incorporate features that allow you to update or add to the needed content whether it's a promotional sales area, calendar of events, descriptions of your products, articles explaining your services, etc... We can also accommodate moving content from one area of the web page to another, having content appear for a limited number of days or only on some pages of the website.

Finally, we won't abandon you to figure out how to do this on your own. Once the website is complete, or near completion, we'll spend time with whoever is going to update your website and show them how to make the desired updates. After that most people are fine on there own but if you do need some help were just an email or phone call away. Contact us for more information on how a client editable website can save you time and money.