Relics Of Deldroneye 2

Island Of Debreen



Relics of Deldroneye II is an adventure filled with a sense of mystery. And such an aura can be shattered forever by reading the entire solution to a game before even playing it. It is advised the following solution should be used to help you when your final effort is a futile one. Anything less than that and you are denying yourself the rewards that come with completing a game such as this on your own. However, if you want to see it all, and see it now then please read on.

You take control of Falcon on the bridge of his new spaceship, and have narrowly escaped collision with an unknown vessel at the expense of all your fuel and reserve power. You decide to steal the nessesary power from the unknown vessel by manouvering your ship to its side and cutting your way in.


Use the laserpen on the Power In socket on the console to active the view screen. Look at the view screen to read the situation. Now use the laserpen on the Power Out socket to retrieve your valuable power. Move right to the engine room and open the engine panel. Feed power from your laserpen into the engine to activate it. Make your way to the navigation room and open the PIV Door. Feed your last unit of power from the laserpen into the computer via the Power Input Valve. Talk to the computer and it will eventually feed some vectors into the main computer back on the bridge. Before leaving the room, open the power output valve door and restore the power to your laserpen by taking it back. Go to the bridge and new vectors will be available, so hit the button on the console and the ship should move to the calculated vector, next to the Debreen vessel.


From here on in, you'll need a spacesuit to survive your exploration of the Debreen craft. Go down the corridor from the junction between the navigation room and the bridge, and enter the suit-o-matic. You should now be adorned with metal clothing. Enter the docking bay, press the Borble and make your way to the docks bay exit. The huge Debreen outer wall looms to cover the whole entrance to the docking bay. Use the last unit of power from your laserpen to cut a hole in the weak part of the wall. Enter the newly created hole and find yourself in a small alcove. Move to the automatic doors and enter. In this long corridor, and at the foot of the door you have just emerged is a small green device. Kick this device to brake it. A small magnet will come loose, which you must collect. Now continue down the corridor and have a chat with the robot sitting in the tubing.


If you continue to the far left of this corridor and enter the door, you will find a room with a very tasty ladder. Unfortunately, when you climb it you will get stunned. Kick the panel below the slot and look inside. The lever is too far so we need to reach it somehow. Go to the next room at the end of the next corridor along, and find the corpse of a dead alien explorer. On its remains are some gloves and a belt. Take both, and then use the magnet on the belt to form a magnet on a string style tool. Return to the cracked panel and fish out the lever. Use this lever on the slot to deactivate the defences of the zone. This includes the power supply to the ladder!


Ascending the ladder to the top will reveal that the Debreen craft has been welded to the hull of an altogether different ship. This new area is guarded with a trained laser turret, the walls are clearly made of heat resisting material, where the floor is not and is falling apart. Try and get to the door, and you'll get zapped and fall to the bottom of the ladders. Don't worry, the spacesuit is designed for such impacts. You will find it very difficult to come to harm. Half way up the ladder you will find an alcove with an empty energy cell. Take this from the wall and climb the ladder. Show this energy cell to the turret and it will rather casually fire at it, er, and you. When you regain your bearings, at the bottom of the ladder, the energy cell will be on the floor next to you, FULL! Return the energy cell to its socket, and you should have stabilized the laser turret, and its mode will change to 'peace' green. Open the newly available door, and enter.


Again, a third ship has been welded to this Debreen junk-heap, but due to a misscalculation, the floor was placed thirty-feet lower than would have been ideal. Falcon falls and destroys the only mobile robot in the complex when he lands IN IT! When the dust settles, rip the pipe off the wall and enter the open door to the right. In this dark room, take the Optiwire and container hidden in the junk, use the pipe to crowbar open the dome to steal the brain of the robot. Have a pleasant chat with the active immobile robot, then nick his arm. Exit this spooky place and return to the first metal room. Use the pipe to crowbar open the door and enter. Have a chat with the guard robot, and when he starts to bore you enter the adjoining open door. take the tape from the dispenser and have a look at the dome. It needs repairing. Use the tape on the optiwire to make a strong sticky wire. You can use this strong sticky wire to reconnect the leads leading to the dome. Return to the guard room and inform the robot he can have a break, but alas he has not moved for so long he has rusted. Come to the rescue and return to the first metal room. use the container to collect the oil from the right wall, and give this to the guard robot. He will squeek his way to the rest room for a very long vacation. Use the robot arm you stole from the secuirty robot to activate the palm scanner near the gold door. The doors will open and you can enter. Inside, a brainy blob on a pillar greets you with kind words. Give him the brain you took from the other robot and accept his advice, and return to the first metal room. Try using the laserpen on the metal door on the north wall. The effort was hopeful, but you will see your efforts fail. Return to the blob with this news and he will replicate a device which will enable you to charge your laserpen to full power. By returning to the metal door, and firing the laser, you realise doing so would be dangerous. The shiny surface would reflect the laser. Return to the guard room and laser open a panel hidden in a slight indent on the north wall. Take the sandpaper like substance and use it on the door to make it rough. Now fire the laserpen to gain access to the next segment of the Debreen vessel.


An opportunity to relax and enjoy the comic lunacy of two crazy alien ghostlings. Simply take the spangley object from the wall in the left room from where you entered the maze, and continually talk from one alien to the other, twisting the facts and conveying mis-information to your new alien friends. Eventually they will destroy each other in an invisible fight to the death. As the ghostlings disappear, so will the obstruction and you can use the spangley key object on the floor of the room with the eye. The eye will scan you and the door will open, awaiting your eager entry.


Cross the spacewalk to the large doors and talk to the small sphere set into the door. The centurion will not open the doors. Go to the right and take the pole from the twisted piping. Go to the far left and have a look at the junction box. Try using the pipe you collected from the metal room to pull it off the wall and it will break under the pressure. Now try the much stronger space metal of the Debreen, and watch the junction box fall off the wall with ease. When you return to the gate, a maintenance robot is busy finding the error, whicn you recently created. He has had to open a small door to get partly outside, and you get leap into the gap without the centurion looking. Once inside, make your way through the sandy corridors until you reach a room with a crater, and a metalic object imbedded in the ground. Look for a button different from the rest and press it. The Debreen will be brought from stasis, and revived. Unfortunately, you have left the space-port open and have let out all the special air the Debreen need to breath. He is slowly pleading for his life, so you must quiz him on how exactly to close the door and return to the port you entered. Find the hidden button by walking around the port-entrance and then press it. Return to the crater room and follow the Debreen into the newly revealed secret door to the his control center.

When you enter the room, a large wall mounted display shows in vivid detail the evil sight a Medivian Nose. The nose, horrifically, being firmly attatched to a battleship and in the mood for destruction. It fires three plasma bolts simultaniously and rocks the entire Debreen vessel. Talk to the Debreen and assess your situation, and reassess it! Exit his patient abode, and continue right until you cannot progress any further. Find the hidden door, and open it. Inside, you will find a garbage bat, which opens in the barren void of space. You can also see the real, unmagnified Medivian ship floating about. Take the green orb from the garbage bay power system and place it in the small Deldroneye Weapon on the floor. Using the small pressure socket, the green orb will slot into place, and then run back to the Debreen Control Center. Ask the Debreen to activate the Garbage system and it will activate, instead, the powerful Deldroneye laser.

And as the passive Debreen seemed about to refuse the request, and in a language Falcon understood well, the strange creature said, "OK... Let's Fry'em!". No sooner had Falcons amusement formed a grin wider than his own face, the Deldroneye laser was ripping across the small distance to the Medivian ship.

The rest of the story opened Falcons eyes to further truths about the Relics Of Deldroneye, but you'll just have to complete the game and read THAT for yourself.