Relics Of Deldroneye


Look at Sheprat. Look at old man. Talk to old man. Use boot on Sheprat. Take Sheprat. Give to old man. Answer Please to request. Exit through the Magic Staircase.

Open cell door. Go into cell. Take spike stick. Look at it. Leave cell. Goto More. Talk to prisoner. Give Spike stick to prisoner (he gives you a file). Look at file. Go back to cell. Use File on Poker Take Pincers. Use Pincers on Sharp poker. Use handled sharp poker on fire. Talk to prisoner. Use handled sharp poker on prisoner. Select top hand. and top one again. then middle hand. Take branding iron from fire.Goto More. Look at concealed panel near beam. Open panel. Look at panel again. Use branding iron on panel. Move to stairway.

Move to central walkway. Go to court area. Answer anything to guard. Goto glass building. Take Bananna skin,Purse,pen,card. Goto court area. Move to platform below panel. Use banana skin on platform. Open panel. Take crystal. Goto walkway. Open circuit box below sign post. Take fuse Open panel. Use crystal on panel. Use fuse on panel. Close panel. Use Hoverdisk card on panel. Move to Morph bike.

Go to shop door, open door, move to shop door. Take Crate Horn off counter, exit shop. Move to More.

Enter Tavern, look at everything and talk to everyone. When you talk to Burt answer with the top hand, exit Tavern. Move up street, move to hotel telepad, look at trophy then take trophy, do the same with both Gribliks, the Ploot crystal and the skunk. Move to transporter.

Move down street and go back to the shop, offer Gribliks/Ploot and Trophy to storekeeper, take cheese. Leave shop.

Move to more, move to alley, use crate horn on crate, open door opposite to you, look at toilet, move to other door and enter. Move to bouncer, select any answer. Go back to toilet. Look at toilet. Go back to see the bouncer, select Eggs as the password. Talk to the Aliens and then the Master Spam Dude, answer with "I will" then answer "I will be honoured". Go back to the Tavern.

Talk to drunkard, answer "I'll get the money", give money to drunk. Go back to the shop. Take overcoat, use lazer pen on device slot. Exit shop.

Move to More (left of screen), Move to concrete walkway, move to entrance move to control platform, answer "yep", look at cupboard, open cupboard, look at circuitry,use lazer pen on circuitry. Give cheese to fat controller. Look at console, click on F. Go back to the Tavern.

Talk to drunk, leave Tavern, go down alley, use lazer pen on droll gimp, use skunk on window. Move to main street, talk to Zheet, goto platform and find the space dock f. Look at Jake, talk to Jake. (Now wish you had the enjoyment of sussing out yourself.)

FOUNTAIN SCREEN: Talk to Man. Look at Fountain. Take Coin (just appeared on edge of fountain). Enter large doors to the palace.

MARKET SCREEN: Move down the market, further along the stalls. Buy an apple using the coin. Collect jar from neighboring stall. Talk to wizard you met earlier in the game. Return to fountain screen.

FOUNTAIN SCREEN: Fill jar with water from fountain. Speak to fountain if you want. Return to market with wizard and enter doorframe.

RHINO SCREEN: Give apple to rhino for passage rights. Collect rhino leaf from post to the right of screen. Move to rhino (therefore riding the beast).

DIG SITE SCREEN: Talk to friend. Enter buried building.

GOLD BUILDING: Look at everything. Take hammer from floor. Use jar of water on rightmost gold slab. The markings will be more clearer for you to read. Kick leftmost slab and secret door will appear. Enter secret door.

SECRET VAULT 2: Collect jewel and leave.

GOLD BUILDING: Crawl through hole in right wall.

SECRET VAULT 1: Collect ID on floor. Return all the way back to the main market place just as you enter the palace.

MARKET SCREEN: Collect rock in baskets near one of corpses. Collect cloth from a nearby stall. Enter the large stone door to the right.

ROYAL PASSAGE: Try getting past the guard. Show guard the ID from secret vault. Try and enter door leading right. When you fail to gain access (you'll see!). Take the knee plate of one of the soldier statues. Polish the knee plate with the sloth. Try entering the Royal Throne room again.

THRONE ROOM: Talk to king. Look at horid entity on floor. Go to the wizard and ask for advice in this problem. Return when he has told you and make the orb:

First, use the hammer on the rock to create the dust you'll need. Wrap the rock fragments in the leaf to form a pocket of small stones. Now touch the jewel on the leaf to transform the ball. You have an orb!

Use this orb on the evil nasty thing.

You will have cleared the floor of dangerous entities and you can lower the king to safety.